I Am

Love is

I am peace and love.

I am a pure and clear channel for prosperity & abundance.

I am one with the I Am.

I am the collective experience of spirit both backwards and forwards in time. How? Because time does not really exist, only timelessness and the Eternal Now.

I foster love peace and joy in my life. I stand by these principles as I stand in my own power, sourced from the divine.

I am divine, I am love, I am power made manifest. I am the source energy made manifest and I am to remember that the beauty and gifts lie in the imperfections, as I am perfect in the mind of spirit .

I need only open up my minds eye to see the truth of what is and what is not. Everywhere I am, God is. Everywhere God is I am. I am one with the power, and it is called empowerment.

When I deny the power and infrastructure of the eternal I Am, I allow the fears to manifest instead of the love. It is my choice, but I choose love, as it resonates deeply and raises my vibration higher and higher. It grounds me while bridging the gap between what is and what is possible. I am the link. Why do I search outside of this magnificent resource that is within? Why do I doubt the love and power that is within? Why do I give my courage and power away, when I am stronger by moving through that internal power and courage.

As I allow, I create. I allow the merging of spirit with form, the merging of source with spark, and I tap into the greatest power there is. God, love, the universe and it’s so called laws. We say so called laws because laws do have a certain connotation for some. They are empowerment channels, these laws. They allow us to manifest and to connect with the other realms that exist and are oftimes more real than we know.

Where is the power truly? In this moment, as this is the only moment there is and ever will be. The moment is now, the point of perception is now. The choices are now. Love or fear. Rising up and standing in our power OR sitting still, sitting down, giving up.

I am here to communicate to you of your power and abilities of which you may not know thus far. The peace you wish to feel is latent in your heart and being, ready to be activated by intention and then by action / non-action.

Finding and walking through the gateways to peace, to love, to creation, to power / empowerment is a worthy goal and a worthy focus. It shall set you free by the grace of your own hand. You will see the power you have inside, and say, wow, i did that? I created this? I brought grace to this situation with my presence? I made a difference? I am far greater than I realized, and all it took was connecting with the power of the spirit. Having faith in the spirit within.

Are you any less than me? Do we not bring unique gifts to this planet and dimension? Are we not here by intent? Are we not congealed thought from a source even greater then we, or more vast then the individual?

Who are we to doubt our own power and grace? Who are we to doubt the intricate and yet simple infrastructure that supports us, moves us and heals us, as we heal it? Are we not part of that infrastructure? Yes, we are. Say it now, yes I am. I am. I know I am here by design. I embrace that I am here by design, by the grace and intent of all that is.

What say you to the discipline of passion? Yes, the Discipline of Passion.

I am fueled by the flame of passion as it lights my way and illuminates the path ahead. What is the next step you may ask? I don’t know as of yet, as it has not been decided or thus created. It exists in the realm of possibilities. The field of choices. The array of goodies are on the table, with the tools to create even more from what is. Do you wish to create? Do you wish to grow? Expand? Become even more? Yes, it is the nature of things. To grow.

Sometimes the tie that binds is really a kite string that we are holding, and forgetting or fearing to reel out, or let go. As we learn that we hold the strings, we are the puppeteer of our lives, and thus creator of our world, we learn, feel, then know and embody the divine spark that is us. That is you, that is me.

The small self wishes to be in charge, but it is we who must command to ourselves and the universe that it is time for the greater Self to lead. How do we do this? We tune in. We communicate with spirit and with ourselves. Be still and know that I am God. Be as one. Be that which you already are. Love. Joy. Compassion. Passion. As you release that which no longer serves you, the joy, and love which you are emerges in its true brilliance. Shines so brightly, that we are in awe of who we really are.

How can I do this with such a full schedule and so many commitments? Work? Family?

1. Do you feel you can read 5 pages before you go to sleep?
2. Is it possible to turn off the TV when one of your shows comes on and instead sit in the beauty of you, of what you are? To do this in silence or with music to transport you to this place of connection?
3. Can you schedule lunch or tea with a friend who raises your vibe and reflects back to you your beauty?
4. How about 20 minutes after dinner for a walk in nature, in the neighborhood or go for a spin on the bike or treadmill at the gym? This is time with you. This is time to relax with spirit.

But I have so much to do! Know you not that after steeping your self in your essence and in spirit, you enter a place of peace and timelessness that feeds you, relaxes you, nourishes you, and actually makes you MORE productive?

But how do I schedule this into my life? You can use a calendar, a list system, find a partner who is doing the same, and get connected for support. But you can also decide to do this on your own. Tune in and tap into the best way for you to connect with you each day.

Do you desire more? Are you tired of settling? Do you wish to reach for your dreams and with grace and ease make them come true? Do you wish to glorify life by sharing your gifts? Do you wish to be filled with the love of spirit, the joy of the universe, the passion of fire, and the blissful feelings and miracles that are your birthright?

I certainly do! It is a shift, and with the desire, the letting go, and subsequent directional towards change, the ego or aspect of self that thinks it is keeping us safe by keeping us small will rear its head and shout NOT NOW. NO! I know this to be so, as this is something that has happened to me more than once, more than twice, more than thrice. I have had to command that my small self listen to the higher self / spirit. “I now command that the higher self take charge and lead”. The small self has a role, and can contribute, but leadership is not the way.

Sometimes motivation for change only comes when we hit rock bottom, but what if there were a way to tap into that motivation and inspiration to make amazing changes before that took place? What if there were another way, so that instead of learning and growing through trauma and drama, we could learn, grow and change through love and joy, laughter and adventure? Is it possible? Is anything possible? We may choose the old way or the new way, which is becoming easier and easier in this higher vibration.

I am the joy made manifest. I Am the link to the greater good that surrounds me and swirls in and around me. If I open up mine eyes, and see with my minds eye, my inner eye; if I hear with my inner ear; and if I feel with my higher heart, the way that opens up before me and the doors that appear in front of me lead me into the realms of divine magic, divine abundance and divine love.


Hospitals Offering Reiki



Energy photo from a Shamanistic Reiki Session with Practitioner, Lauren Reiner.

Energy photo from a Shamanistic Reiki Session with Practitioner, Lauren Reiner.

Below is a wonderful list of hospitals that DO offer Reiki and other complementary modalities. Many strides have been made to integrate the Eastern and Western modalities of healing. 

I have decided to send this list to our hospital here in Las Vegas, St. Rose.   The Las Vegas Diocese made the decision to remove Reiki from their “integrative medicine” services being offered. It was the decision of the Diocese I was told, and they have no plans to reinstate this modality.

St. Rose still offers Reflexology, Herbs, Hypnosis and massage. I am happy they still have what remains, but am frustrated that this has occurred. I believe there are always solutions, so I shall focus on that, but thought others may be interested in the hospitals that have these services, often for free to patients. 

My mother, who had breast cancer, was given Reiki both before and after her operation when she was at a CT hospital to have her lymph nodes removed. She told the doctor after the lymph removal that she had NO pain, which is quite unusual. The doctor’s response was, “Wow, I hope I can do that again.” 🙂 He was a wonderful doctor, and my intention is only to advocate that there be an integration of the two or more types of medicine – primarily East and West. 

My mother is now cancer and pain free, and the integration of both types of medicine allowed her to be less stressed and more comfortable throughout the process. The Reiki volunteers in the hospital were wonderful. 

Excerpt from http://www.bioenergyassociates.com

“There are over one hundred facilities in the U.S. that use Reiki and/or other complementary/alternative modalities (CAM) plus many hundreds more all over the globe. Additionally, research is being conducted in partnership with the National Institutes of Health at a growing number of facilities…here are just a few:

Marin General Hospital ~ Marin County, CA
Johns Hopkins ~ MA
University of Maryland ~ MA
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center ~ New York, NY
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ~ New York, NY
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center ~ New York, NY
Beth Israel Medical Center – NY
Foote Hospital ~ Jackson, MI
Bayonne Hospital ~ Bayonne, NJ
Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital ~ New York, NY
Mercy Hospital ~ Cincinnati, OH
Windsor Hospital ~ VT
Mercy Hospital ~ Portland, ME
St. Luke’s Women’s Care ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Tucson Medical Center ~ Tucson, AZ
California Pacific Medical Center ~ CA
University of California Medical Center – Davis
Willcox Hospital ~ Maui, HI
Hartford Hospital ~ CT
University of Michigan Hospital ~ Ann Arbor, MI
Portsmouth Regional Hospital ~ Portsmouth, NH
University of Washington ~ CFS/FM Research Center, Seattle, WA
Cleveland Clinic ~ Cleveland, OH
Temple University ~ Philadelphia, PA
Albert Einstein Medical Center ~ Philadelphia, PA
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center ~ Lebanon, RI
George Washington University Hospital ~ Washington, DC
MD Anderson Medical Center ~ Houston, TX
Stanford Medical Center ~ CA
Scripps ~ San Diego, CA
Hospice of the Valley ~ Phoenix, AZ
Banner Health System Hospitals ~ Phoenix & Mesa, AZ
University of Colorado Medical School ~ CO
University of Pennsylvania Medical School ~ PA
Yale School of Nursing

Just Added to our list:
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center ~ VT”

What is Reiki?


The blue healing energy from an energy healing session

The blue healing energy from an energy healing session

As a way to begin to demonstrate the power of vibration and intent, I would like to share a very personal experience I have had with Reiki.  My mother contracted breast cancer several years ago and, despite an operation to remove the cancer, it still spread to her lymph nodes.   While my mother was in the hospital to receive another operation that included removal of lymph nodes, she was offered Reiki sessions from me, but also from hospital volunteers, both before and after the operation.  

After her operation, and a few sessions of Reiki, the doctor asked her how she was feeling.  He wanted to know about her pain level.   This was when she described to the doctor that she had NO pain at all under her arms, or anyone else, despite having just been through her lymph node removal (no pain pills either).  The doctor smiled, shook his head, and said, “Wow, I hope I can do that again.”

There are other wonderful and amazing stories to share, such as fibromyalgia lifting in one session,, pink eye going away in 2 minutes (mine!), an ankle operation being cancelled after one session of Reiki, and more, but the one of my own Mother touches me deeply.  She is now cancer and pain free, thanks to the integration of both Eastern and Western medicine.

I am posting the following Reiki article by Libby Barnett below, in response to the questions some of you are asking.


WHAT IS REIKI?    By Libby Barnett, M.S.W.

Reiki (Ray-Key) is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art that helps you feel better and heal better. Dr. Usui, a Japanese Christian educator, rediscovered this healing method in his study of ancient Tibetan texts. You can use Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing and personal growth. Reiki stimulates your body’s innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness.

Reiki means Universal Life Force – the healing energy of the universe. The attunement ceremony empowers you to transmit Reiki energy through your hands. Once attuned, you have this ability for life and can use this healing energy to promote balance and harmony on all levels of your being.

What Makes Reiki Unique?
Reiki is a complete system of self-healing.
Reiki blends easily with and enhances all healing methods.
Reiki is very simple and can be immediately implemented on yourself and others.
Reiki gently releases old emotional patterns.
Reiki is an effective tool to overcome the pressures of career, relationships, parenting, and finances.
Reiki enables you to access your own inner wisdom and creativity, as well as expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Libby Barnett is a gifted Master Teacher of Reiki.  She is also the author of a book entitled, “Reiki Energy Medicine,” which can be ordered from her website http://www.reikienergy.com.

Much love to you all, Wendi

The Ascending Spiral


Your unique light and truth reflected in a prism of color

Your unique light and truth reflected in a prism of color

We heal ourselves and others with the truth of our hearts. Once we speak our truth, we no longer spin aimlessly, but instead, vibrate with authenticity.  The pain lessens.   This sacred act of saying our truth releases energies we allowed to encumber us that no longer resonate. We attract clarity through our truth vibration, and the chaos starts to organize. When we speak our truth, we define and enhance the spiral of our unique light. 

Releasing the truth from within our heart and giving voice to it, can offer healing to the body by clearing the energetic centers and meridians.  When we share our truth with the world, we are sharing our light and love. We are telling people:

“I am here, and  I exist.   I am present for you, as I am present for me.  I am reflecting and connecting with the world, because I am alive.   My breath adds to the winds of change and life, just as yours does.”

When I say, “yes” to life, I move towards joy.

When I say, “no,” I create clear lines of definition.  I clear the path for more joy.

“No” is neither bad nor good, it just is…your truth.  You are defining the spiral.

When we step into our truth, we reclaim our soul and shine our light brilliantly.  “I am here,” we say.  By sharing our truth, we are connecting with other human beings on this journey.

We say, “hello, and I love you.”  

Or sometimes, “I care about you but no, that is not my path.”  

Sometimes, “No, that is not my truth.”  

“Yes, I am moving, but in a different direction, so that I can shine my unique light into this mosaic of life.”  

When we shout out loud, “Yes!” or “No!”  we brighten the hue of life, and create a path for others to also define their light and life. We all share the same source, and yet are different expressions of that source, and therein lies the beauty of life on earth.

Shining my unique light and sharing my unique truth makes the world a clearer, more beautiful, and more interesting place. We are unlimited refractions of the same light. We sparkle.

So, will you speak your truth?