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Energy photo from a Shamanistic Reiki Session with Practitioner, Lauren Reiner.

Energy photo from a Shamanistic Reiki Session with Practitioner, Lauren Reiner.

Below is a wonderful list of hospitals that DO offer Reiki and other complementary modalities. Many strides have been made to integrate the Eastern and Western modalities of healing. 

I have decided to send this list to our hospital here in Las Vegas, St. Rose.   The Las Vegas Diocese made the decision to remove Reiki from their “integrative medicine” services being offered. It was the decision of the Diocese I was told, and they have no plans to reinstate this modality.

St. Rose still offers Reflexology, Herbs, Hypnosis and massage. I am happy they still have what remains, but am frustrated that this has occurred. I believe there are always solutions, so I shall focus on that, but thought others may be interested in the hospitals that have these services, often for free to patients. 

My mother, who had breast cancer, was given Reiki both before and after her operation when she was at a CT hospital to have her lymph nodes removed. She told the doctor after the lymph removal that she had NO pain, which is quite unusual. The doctor’s response was, “Wow, I hope I can do that again.” 🙂 He was a wonderful doctor, and my intention is only to advocate that there be an integration of the two or more types of medicine – primarily East and West. 

My mother is now cancer and pain free, and the integration of both types of medicine allowed her to be less stressed and more comfortable throughout the process. The Reiki volunteers in the hospital were wonderful. 

Excerpt from

“There are over one hundred facilities in the U.S. that use Reiki and/or other complementary/alternative modalities (CAM) plus many hundreds more all over the globe. Additionally, research is being conducted in partnership with the National Institutes of Health at a growing number of facilities…here are just a few:

Marin General Hospital ~ Marin County, CA
Johns Hopkins ~ MA
University of Maryland ~ MA
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center ~ New York, NY
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ~ New York, NY
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center ~ New York, NY
Beth Israel Medical Center – NY
Foote Hospital ~ Jackson, MI
Bayonne Hospital ~ Bayonne, NJ
Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital ~ New York, NY
Mercy Hospital ~ Cincinnati, OH
Windsor Hospital ~ VT
Mercy Hospital ~ Portland, ME
St. Luke’s Women’s Care ~ Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Tucson Medical Center ~ Tucson, AZ
California Pacific Medical Center ~ CA
University of California Medical Center – Davis
Willcox Hospital ~ Maui, HI
Hartford Hospital ~ CT
University of Michigan Hospital ~ Ann Arbor, MI
Portsmouth Regional Hospital ~ Portsmouth, NH
University of Washington ~ CFS/FM Research Center, Seattle, WA
Cleveland Clinic ~ Cleveland, OH
Temple University ~ Philadelphia, PA
Albert Einstein Medical Center ~ Philadelphia, PA
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center ~ Lebanon, RI
George Washington University Hospital ~ Washington, DC
MD Anderson Medical Center ~ Houston, TX
Stanford Medical Center ~ CA
Scripps ~ San Diego, CA
Hospice of the Valley ~ Phoenix, AZ
Banner Health System Hospitals ~ Phoenix & Mesa, AZ
University of Colorado Medical School ~ CO
University of Pennsylvania Medical School ~ PA
Yale School of Nursing

Just Added to our list:
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center ~ VT”


3 Responses

  1. Hi Wendi, if you don’t already know about this resource, The Reiki Digest is focusing on the issue of the Catholic Bishop’s decision to declare Reiki inappropriate in Catholic institutions in several recent posts at

  2. Hi, and thank you.

    Yes, I actually posted a link to the Reiki Digest on my FB account a while ago. The link I posted also showed a comment about the previous pope approving of Reiki, and even mentioned that some in the clergy at that time received training up to Master level. However, I know this is not the case currently, unfortunately.

    I appreciate your thinking to share the information, in any case.

  3. Hi Wendi and other bloggers,
    With many hospitals and medical facilities not allowing Reiki healing it occurred to me that maybe it would be possible to access medial facilities if one is a pastor or clergy. Maybe it might open some previously closed doors in the medical field.

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